Nourishing Soups for the Soul

FAQs & Support

How should I properly store and reheat my soup?

Bring your soup home and immediately store in the refrigerator. Soup is good for 5-7 days when refrigerated.

Reheat soup in a pot on the stove top at medium heat to your desired temperature.

Soup may be frozen. We recommend that you transfer the soup to a freezer friendly container or remove at least 2 inches of soup from the top edge of the jar to allow for expansion. Otherwise the jar may crack. Set jar upright in freezer. Frozen soup is good for 3 months. Defrost soup overnight in your refrigerator.

Can I change my soup selection after I’ve checked out?

If you wish to change a soup selection, please contact us before the monthly final order date.

Why don’t you offer delivery and/or shipping?

As a startup company our focus is making delicious healthy soups for you and your family. We will consider delivery and shipping service in the future.

Can I place a large order for party or meeting?

Absolutely! We take small batch soup orders (6 quart minimum). These are great for parties, meetings, or freezing and storing for later use. Please inquire here.